29 Mar 2018

Survey shows NGOs in NZ changing the way they operate

From , 6:03 am on 29 March 2018

New Zealand non government organisations working in aid and development are changing the way they go about their business.

A survey by their umbrella agency, the Council for International Development, shows the way they raise funds, their interaction with other organisations and the nature of how they do their work, is changing.

The survey results are published in a paper called the 'Challenge of Change'.

The executive director of CID is Josie Pagani who says one key change is that the public, still the mainstay of funding for NGOs, is now more inclined to donate directly to groups in the nation needing the aid.

Don Wiseman asked her if this is a sign the public is starting to doubt the value of what the NGOs are doing.

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Photo: Twitter / @AusAirForce