1 Feb 2018

Niue govt eases start date for new import charges

From , 6:03 am on 1 February 2018

The premier of Niue has agreed to delay the introduction of a new regime for businesses importing goods by ship.

The Chamber of Commerce had asked that higher charges not apply when the island is visited by a Matson's freighter this week.

Businesses also wanted a re-think on the scrapping of credit to pay the import duties - they had earlier been notified that the charges would have be paid prior to pick up.

Now Premier Sir Toke Talagi says the new prices won't apply until April and he says the government will work with proven payers on a scheme to provide limited credit.

The Business Development Manager at the Chamber of Commerce, Rae Finlay, told Don Wiseman she is delighted.

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Photo: RNZ