26 Jan 2018

Pacific Islands Forum looks for key issues facing members

From , 6:03 am on 26 January 2018

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat is out talking to member countries about what they'd like their leaders to cover in two important meetings this year.

The secretariat is consulting with civil society and private sector organisations, as well as government officials, in the lead-up to the Forum Economic Ministers' Meeting in April and the Forum Leaders Meeting in September.

Representatives are in New Zealand and Tuvalu after talks in the Federated States of Miconesia and they'll visit other member countries over the next two months.

The secretariat's deputy secretary general Cristelle Pratt spoke with Dominic Godfrey in Wellington about developing policy relevant to people in the region.

Deputy SG of the Forum Secretariat, Cristelle Pratt

Deputy SG of the Forum Secretariat, Cristelle Pratt Photo: RNZ Pacific / Dominic Godfrey