16 Oct 2017

Sport: PNG govt willing to intervene in football dispute

From , 5:00 am on 16 October 2017

The Papua New Guinea government has called on the PNG Football Association to lift the suspension of some local associations, in an effort to bring the country's rival football factions back together.

David Chung was re-elected to the role of PNGFA President at December's Elective Congress in Kimbe but one of his opponents, John Kapi Natto, argued the results were an "injustice", following the suspension of the seven member associations.

Mr Kapi Natto subsequently launched a rival organisation, Football Federation PNG, which is not recognised by FIFA.

The PNG vice minister for sport, Wesley Raminai, told Vinnie Wylie the dispute has split the country's football community in two and needs to be resolved.

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Photo: Photosport