3 Oct 2017

Rampaging mob looting in PNG's Mendi - journalist

From , 4:04 pm on 3 October 2017

A journalist working in Mendi in the Papua New Guinea Southern Highlands reports the town is in turmoil.

Melvin Levongo says all shops are shut, the airport is closed, the local radio station has shut down after a surge in violence following the announcement of the result of the one outstanding seat after the end of the June election.

After a two month battle over the count for the regional seat William Powi of the ruling People's National Congress was declared the winner last week.

That two month period had seen widespread violence with many deaths including two police at the weekend.

Now Mr Levongo says people are rampaging and looting in Mendi.

A crowd gathered in Mendi during vote counting.

A crowd gathered in Mendi during vote counting. Photo: Melvin Levongo