31 Aug 2017

Pohiva OK with dissolution of Tongan parliament

From , 3:03 pm on 31 August 2017

Tonga's interim prime minister 'Akilisi Pohiva seems at peace with his term being cut short by the dissolution of parliament and the call for early elections.

King Tupou VI made the decision last week after the Speaker of the House, Lord Tu'ivakano, approached him with concerns about the government.

No reasons for the dissolution were given until Tu'ivakano issued a statement claiming the government was trying to gain more power and had acted unconstitutionally.

In a bill tabled last week, the government proposed that it make appointments like the Police Commissioner and Attorney-General, which are currently made by the King under advice from the Privy Council, an elite group of royal appointees.

The Speaker also claimed the government had tried to bypass the King by signing a UN convention on women's rights called CEDAW and the regional trade agreement, PACER-Plus.

'Akilisi Pohiva told Koro Vaka'uta he's glad the accusations have finally been made public.

'Akilisi Pohiva

'Akilisi Pohiva Photo: RNZ / Koro Vaka'uta