25 Aug 2017

Life in lockdown amidst PNG's deadly election violence

From , 3:03 pm on 25 August 2017

Movement and livelihoods of people in the capital of Papua New Guinea's Enga province have been brought to a standstill due to the recent election.

Wabag has been the site of brutal fighting between supporters of rival candidates since polling began in June, leaving at least 21 people dead in the past month alone.

Violence is an entrenched part of the election cycle in Enga, according to Daniel Kumbon, a writer and former journalist based in Wabag.

Mr Kumbon hails from nearby Kandep district, where the election has been riddled by conflict between groups backing the two main candidates, Alfred Manse and Don Polye.

Mr Kumbon told Johnny Blades that the spectre of death and destruction has characterised the repeated tussles by these two politicians for the Kandep seat.

Daniel Kumbon

Daniel Kumbon Photo: PNG Attitude