3 Aug 2017

Nauru judge decision vindication for protest defendants

From , 3:02 pm on 3 August 2017

A former Nauru cabinet minister, who is one of 16 people facing charges over a protest, says the government's decision to have the case heard by an Australian judge vindicates their stand over interference in the judiciary.

The Nauru justice minister, David Adeang, told parliament that the case, following an anti-government protest at parliament, which the government characterises as a riot, would be complex and needed an outside judge.

The protest happened just over two years ago.

Mr Adeang says the decision to hire a retired judge with Australia Supreme Court or Federal Court experience is not a slight on the Nauru judiciary but an attempt to avoid suggestions of political interference or bias.

Don Wiseman asked one of the people facing trial Mathew Batsiua for their reaction to the announcement.


Nauru Photo: Supplied/ @ChrisTrott