1 Aug 2017

Kiwi Doug Tennent could soon be back in PNG

From , 5:01 am on 1 August 2017

Catholic Church leaders hope that deported religious lay worker, Doug Tennent, will be let back into Papua New Guinea within days.

Mr Tennent, a lawyer, was thrown out of the country illegally nearly two months ago.

He had been working with the Archdiocese of Rabaul, advising Archbishop Francesco Panfilo on the concerns people in one district of East New Britain had over their relationship with a multi national company involved in logging and oil palm, Rimbunan Hijau.

Mr Tennent, who is a New Zealander, was removed despite a court order stopping it.

The church had taken legal action over this and to seek a new visa but Archbishop Panfilo told Don Wiseman that a compromise has been reached.

Douglas Tennent

Douglas Tennent Photo: Supplied / Facebook