13 Jul 2017

Academic says Polynesian explorers finally recognised

From , 5:03 am on 13 July 2017

A New Zealand academic says the World Heritage listing of Taputapuatea marae in French Polynesia is a recognition of the sea-faring history that exists in the region.

Last week, UNESCO accepted the bid for Taputapuatea to become a world heritage site after nearly two decades of campaigning.

The marae complex is about 1000 years old and is seen as the point of origin for Polynesian seafarers who travelled to Rapa Nui, Hawai'i and New Zealand.

Auckland University's Maori and Pacific Studies Professor Dame Anne Salmond told Koro Vaka'uta why the site is so significant. 

Taputapuatea marae on Raiatea

Taputapuatea marae on Raiatea Photo: supplied Presidency French Polynesia