4 Apr 2017

Calls for co-ordinated funding to NZ aid campaign

From , 3:02 pm on 4 April 2017

There is a call for civil society groups in New Zealand to co-ordinate funding for an agency to speak on their behalf over aid issues.

Presently New Zealand NGOs rely on the Council for International Development to raise any concerns it has about the nature of aid spending.

But CID has been hamstrung in recent years by cuts to its funding from the government, leaving the umbrella group for NGOs struggling to have an impact.

Australian National University academic Terence Wood is suggesting a new approach.

He told Don Wiseman he is advocating each NGO contribute to CID, or an organisation like it, giving it more resources and the independence to become a voice that is heard.

Mr Wood says it will involve each NGO making a small financial commitment.

Aid is unloaded from the C-130 Hercules.

Aid is unloaded from the C-130 Hercules. Photo: DEFENCE FORCE