3 Apr 2017

FFU say Rakiraki sugar plant has been "cannibalised"

From , 3:04 pm on 3 April 2017

The Fiji Farmers Union has accused the Fiji Sugar Corporation of cannabilising a mill in Rakiraki in order to force its shutdown.

The corporation last week announced the Penang Mill, which was badly damaged by Cyclone Winson last year, will close as it would be too expensive to refurbish.

That came to the dismay of Rakiraki businesses and cane farmers, who say the mill's closure will devastate the town and wider Ra district.

The chair of the Fiji Farmer's Union, Mahendra Chaudhry, told Jamie Tahana the mill's closure is unnecessary.

The damaged sugar mill at Rakiraki.

The damaged sugar mill at Rakiraki. Photo: RNZ / Juliette Sivertsen