3 Apr 2017

Pasifika youth focus for anti-suicide efforts

From , 6:03 am on 3 April 2017

Reaching young Pasifika men remains a strong focus in the fight to combat high suicide rates in New Zealand.

Pasifika mental health organisation Le Va attended Auckland's recent Pasifika festival to try and connect with more young members of the Pacific community.

Le Va's senior manager of suicide prevention, Denise Kingi-'Ulu'ave says OECD reports show New Zealand still has the highest rate of teen suicide in the world and young Pasifika males are more likely to attempt suicide.

According to the Ministry of Health three national surveys taken in high schools over the last ten years show Pasifika students are three times more likely to attempt suicide than European students.

Ms Kingi-'Ulu'ave spoke to Indira Stewart.

An illustration shows a young man caught in the grip of dark hands, illustrating mental health and suicide prevention.

Photo: Illustration: Giselle Clarkson