20 Mar 2017

Fiji Media Association calls on public to respect journalists

From , 6:04 am on 20 March 2017

The Fiji Media Association is calling on members of the public to respect the work of journalists in the country.

This comes after the latest attack on a journalist in the country - the third time this has happened in the past two months.

Filming a man sentenced on a corruption case early last week, Fiji Broadcasting Corporation journalist Praneeta Prakash was struck in the stomach with a stone thrown by a remand prisoner.

The prisoner was under police escort at the time.

Police refused to take action even as the prisoner swore and verbally abused Ms Prakash.

The Fiji Media Association's general secretary Stanley Simpson told Koroi Hawkins police must do more to protect journalists and to take threats and attacks against them seriously.  

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Photo: 123rf