14 Mar 2017

Geopolitical tensions a growing threat for Guam

From , 5:04 am on 14 March 2017

A Guam academic says the Micronesian territory faces a greater threat from geopolitical tensions in the region.

Having an anti-missile system in Guam has not necessarily made people feel safe, according to Michael Luhan Bevacqua.

An adjunct professor of Chamorros Studies at the University of Guam, he has studied the island's position as a heavily militarised space

Guam, a major US airforce and naval base which already has 6000 marines on the island, is to have 5000 more troops and associated personnel transferred there in the next decade.

Professor Bevacqua said initially locals were enthusiastic about the economic stimulus that the build-up was expected to bring.

Michael Luhan Bevacqua

Michael Luhan Bevacqua Photo: American Soil, Chamorro Soul