20 Feb 2017

Kiribati Catholic Church: Romanov empire 'in the past'

From , 6:00 am on 20 February 2017

The Catholic Church in Kiribati says it won't be supporting a Russian businessman's plans to revive the Romanov empire in Kiribati because that belongs in the past.

Anton Bakov, who is a monarchist, wants to use three uninhabited islands in the Southern Line Islands to build a resort complex, and also create what he calls an 'alternative Russia'.

Bishop Paul Mea says the church would oppose Mr Bakov's proposal if he pursued his plan to rebuild the Romanov empire, which ended in 1917 with the Bolshevik revolution.

However, as he told Amelia Langford, the church has no problem with the Government leasing the islands to Mr Bakov for a resort - as long as Kiribati retains overall control.

Anton Bakov

Anton Bakov Photo: Supplied