15 Feb 2017

PICAN says Australian climate claim not rational

From , 4:04 pm on 15 February 2017

The Pacific Islands Climate Action Network is taking Australia's climate ambassador to task over his support for the coal industry.

Patrick Suckling was in the Pacific earlier this month offering Australia's support to vulnerable countries like Tuvalu and Fiji.

But he also professed his support for the coal industry and a huge new development, Carmichael, in Queensland, which will generate coal for India, while his government is backing new subsidies for the coal sector.

Mr Suckling says fossil fuels will be a reality of the fuel mix for decades to come but PICAN's spokesperson, Krishneil Narayan, told Don Wiseman that, given Mr Suckling's role, this is not rational.

High tides in Marshall Islands in March 2016 hit a seawall

Photo: RNZI/Giff Johnson