15 Feb 2017

Chair of Fiji election commission vows transparency

From , 6:04 am on 15 February 2017

The newly-appointed chair of Fiji's electoral commission says maintaining transparency and upholding the body's impartiality will be his biggest priorities.

Under the constitution, the commission is an independent body tasked with supervising the elections office, which is responsible for preparing the vote.

The new commission was announced last week, nearly a month after the term of the last commission lapsed, which concerned opposition parties who said the office was working unsupervised.

The last commission took the office and the supervisor of elections, Mohammed Saneem, to court, eventually winning a battle over Mr Saneem acting contrary to the commission's orders.

The chair of the new commission, lawyer Suresh Chandra, told Jamie Tahana his commission will be looking to start anew.

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Photo: Fiji Parliament