30 Jan 2017

Pacific Community reaches 70

From , 4:03 pm on 30 January 2017

The region's main scientific agency, the Pacific Community, is today marking its 70th anniversary.

The Community was set up when Australia and New Zealand invited the then colonial powers, the United States, Britain, the Netherlands and France to be part of an agency that aimed to secure the interests of the Western nations in the region following World War Two.

With the departure of the Dutch after the Indonesia annexation of Papua in 1962 and Britain's pull out of the region in the 1990s, the agency now has 26 members - including all the island countries and territories in the Pacific.

The Community has become the Pacific's key body dealing with scientific and technical issues.

It is currently headed by Colin Tukuitonga and Don Wiseman asked him how it felt to get to 70.