21 Dec 2016

Norfolk hoping for Air New Zealand change of heart

From , 4:02 pm on 21 December 2016

The Norfolk Island Regional Council is talking positively despite Air New Zealand ending its direct Auckland to Norfolk flights.

The once a week flight is important to Norfolk's tourism industry, the many New Zealand citizens who live there and the supply of critical foods to the island.

Air New Zealand, which is the only airline that services Norfolk, will maintain its flights out of Sydney and Brisbane.

Mayor Robin Adams told Don Wiseman the direct link from New Zealand goes back to 1947.

The stone ruins of the colony, set on on the wave-swept coast, are now a major attraction for foreign tourists to the South Pacific paradise.

Nearby Phillip Island can be seen from the old salt house in Kingston in the Australian territory of Norfolk Island built when the place was a brutal penal colony in the early 1800s, 03 February 2007. Photo: AFP PHOTO/Lawrence BARTLETT