12 Dec 2016

A former Norfolk chief minister backs Australian changes

From , 6:02 am on 12 December 2016

While the campaigns by groups on Norfolk Island aiming to gain back their autonomy continue, one former chief minister, Mike King, says the changes brought by Australia were needed and are already bringing benefits.

From July 1st Norfolk Island became a regional council under the auspices o New South Wales while its legislature was replaced by a five person council that has limited authority.

Norfolk Island People for Democracy, and others, have been pushing for the changes to be reversed and have frequently clashed with the Canberra appointed administrator, Gary Hardgrave, who has a reputation for abrasiveness.

The groups are seeking international support including from the United Nations, where they hope for listing as a non self governing territory.

But Mike King,  who was chief minister for a period in the 1990s, and Don Wiseman asked him if he was irate over the push by some to overturn Australia's reforms.

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Photo: Norfolk Government