6 Dec 2016

PNA pushing harvest control strategy at Pacific Tuna Commission

From , 6:02 am on 6 December 2016

The Parties to the Nauru Agreement or PNA is pushing for tighter management controls to be adopted by the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission.

Also known as the Pacific Tuna Commission the WCPFC, which is the regulatory body for the largest tuna fishery in the world, is holding its annual meeting this week in Nadi in Fiji.

The PNA chief executive Ludwig Kumoru is proposing a "Harvest Control Strategy," and says it can be gradually introduced into the fishery by beginning with one of the tuna species, skipjack.

Mr Kumoru spoke with Koroi Hawkins about the PNA's position on this and other issues going into the meeting.

A Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority fisheries observer monitors tuna being off-loaded from a purse seiner in port Majuro, now said to be the busiest tuna transshipment port in the world

A fisheries observer monitors tuna being off-loaded in Majuro Photo: AFP PHOTO / Hilary HOSIA