7 Nov 2016

Tests show soaring pollution levels in Marshalls capital

From , 6:03 am on 7 November 2016

Nine of 10 ocean and lagoon locations tested by the Marshall Islands Environmental Protection Authority around Majuro are badly polluted.

One of the tests registered 40 times above the safe level for contamination by disease-causing bacteria associated with human and animal waste.

The chief of the EPA's Water Quality Division, Tuvuki Ketedromo, says half the samples taken from the water company's fresh water system were contaminated.

Our correspondent Giff Johnson spoke to Don Wiseman about the extent of the problem and whether remedies are in the pipeline.

Brown algae blankets ocean side reefs that are several miles down-current from the raw sewage outfall pipe in the downtown area of Majuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands.

Brown algae blankets ocean side reefs, several miles downcurrent from the raw sewage outfall pipe in downtown Majuro Photo: RNZI / Giff Johnson