7 Nov 2016

Better networks for development needed in the Pacific

From , 6:02 am on 7 November 2016

Leading planners in the Commonwealth are hoping to establish a planning network in the Pacific that would provide support to leaders and policy makers in the region.

The New Zealand Planning Institute, in collaboration with the Commonwealth Association of Planners and supported by the Planning Institute of Australia, have organised their annual conference to be held for the first time in the Pacific in Fiji next week.

All three organisations will discuss the establishment of a Pacific Island Planners Association that would give Pacific leaders a collective voice to help push better outcomes for sustainable development in the region.

Chair of the New Zealand Planning Institute, Bryce Julyan, says a network in the Pacific is the missing piece needed to improve better planning for sustainable development over the entire South Pacific.

He spoke to Indira Stewart.

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Photo: 123rf