30 Aug 2016

Stunned by mass Nauru passport cancellation - Peter Law

From , 3:04 pm on 30 August 2016

A former resident magistrate on Nauru says the latest actions of the island's government are bewildering.

Peter Law, who was deported from the island two years ago in another controversial move by the Nauru Government, was commenting on the decision by Justice Minister, David Adeang, to cancel the passports of 20 people, including a former president and other former MPs.

All 20 had been accused of involvement in an anti-government protest in June last year.

At the weekend the former president Sprent Dabwido had been cleared by the courts to fly to Australia for medical care but found his passport had been cancelled when he was at the airport.

Mr Law told Don Wiseman he finds the actions of the Nauru government very hard to understand.

The Chamber of Parliament, Nauru

The Chamber of Parliament, Nauru Photo: Supplied