2 Sep 2015

Kiribati passes bill to set up youth justice system

From , 3:03 pm on 2 September 2015

Kiribati has moved to pass a bill to create a youth justice system and keep children out of adult prisons.

From lef to right: Moote Korina, Bacareza, Tangariki Reete UNICEF's Tinia Rakenang and Ms Laisani Petersen Sep 2015

From lef to right: The Deputy Secretary of Ministry of Women, Youth and Social Affairs Mr Moote Korina, UNICEF's Cromwell Bacareza, Madam Minister of MWYSA Tangariki Reete, UNICEF's Tinia Rakenang and Laisani Petersen in front of the Kiribati Parliament after the passing of the Juvenile Justice Bill. Photo: Supplied/ UNICEF