27 Feb 2015

Shipping, climate change on Tokelau 2015 agenda

From , 6:04 am on 27 February 2015

The new Ulu-o-Tokelau is encouraging a strong national spirit of unity and a commitment to the basic principles of Tokelauan culture in 2015.

The Ulu of Tokelau, Siopili Perez, and his wife, Taase Perez, at their inauguration.

The Ulu of Tokelau, Siopili Perez and his wife, Taase Perez, at their inauguration.

Photo: SUPPLIED / Tokelau government

Siopili Perez, who is the Faipule of Nukunonu, was inaugurated on Monday as Ulu, the Titular Head of Government, rotated among the leader of each atoll on an annual basis.

Mr Perez says he aspires to ensure Tokelau has a culture of working together, looking after those with no spouses or land, respect for women and doing things the traditional way.

He says there have been a number of issues discussed at the General Fono this week, including shipping, healthcare, education, climate change and quality of government services delivered to the people.

"Much of the problems lie with our current poor shipping service. Much of the basic necessities we need in Tokelau hangs heavily in the sea transport, which is the only means Tokelauans to travel overseas. This is something which Tokelau and New Zealand are currently working together on, on a new ship scheduled to [be] operational in Tokelau before the end of this year actually."