26 Mar 2020

Guam Covid-19 cases now at 37

10:56 am on 26 March 2020

Guam's governor is asking the US for 1,000 Covid-19 testing kits, as the island tries to contain the worst outbreak of the coronavirus in the Pacific.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero Photo: Supplied/ Expressions Studio

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero said she had a conference call with the federal government on Wednesday, where she asked for a range of assistance.

"Please speed up 1,000 tests for us because this is how we can better control our community, by knowledge and data and information.

"I am working very hard to see how we can get as much financial resources and financial help from the federal level," Ms Guerrero said.

The Governor said she had also asked for the authority to deploy the national guard.

Guam confirmed five more cases of Covid-19 overnight bringing the US territory's official total to 37, including one death.