French Polynesian nurse accused of drug smuggling

8:28 am on 9 November 2019

A nurse in French Polynesia has been detained on suspicion of smuggling methamphetamine from the United States.

Transparent plastic bags with white powder isolated on black background

Photo: 123RF File photo

The public prosecutor said during screening of parcels at Tahiti's airport last week almost three kg of the banned drug was discovered in a parcel with baby formula cans.

The parcel, which also included clothing, had been posted by the 48-year-old woman to herself and arrived days after she had returned from a week-long trip with friends to Los Angeles.

According to the investigators, the woman said she had no idea how the drug sachets happened to be inside the cans.

If convicted, she could face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $US9 million.

Investigations are continuing to establish whether she had associates.

The reports say she wasn't an addict and had no criminal record.