15 Jun 2019

Sport: One dead, three still in hospital following brawl in PNG

7:25 am on 15 June 2019

Three people, including a police officer, remain hospitalised following two separate attacks in Papua New Guinea last week after the opening State of Origin rugby league match.

A man from Simbu province died in the early hours of Thursday morning after he was stabbed several times in a Port Moresby suburb, after a drunken brawl between supporters.

NSW prop David Klemmer will miss the remainder of the State of Origin series.

Queensland beat New South Wales in the 2019 State of Origin opener on June 5. Photo: Photosport

Relatives of the deceased man then attacked one of the three alleged attackers in retaliation, who is now is a critical condition at Port Moresby General Hospital.

Another man was also hospitalised following the brawl while the other two attackers escaped.

Meanwhile, an off duty police officer remains in intensive care after being attacked in a separate incident in the city. The three suspects have been arrested.

Papua New Guinea police.

A Papua New Guinea police officer is in intensive care after being attacked. Photo: RNZ / Johnny Blades

Superintendent Ndrandou Perou urged people to celebrate in a sensible manner.

''It amazes me why are people putting their lives at risk for something that they are not benefiting at all", and urged people to celebrate in a sensible manner," he said.