20 Mar 2019

Te-Hani Brown wins Cook Islands by-election

1:10 pm on 20 March 2019
Te-Hani Brown

Te-Hani Brown Photo: Cook Islands Party

Te-Hani Brown has regained her seat in the Cook Islands parliament after winning a by-election.

Party-hopping rules had forced the by-election after Ms Brown defected from the opposition Democratic Party in January.

She stood again in the Tengatangi Areora and Ngatiarua electorate as an independent.

The 22 year old polled 78 votes, 33 ahead of the Democratic Party's Nandie Glassie.

The Cook Islands Party, which leads the government, has welcomed the win as Ms Brown had pledged to join their ranks ahead of the by-election.

Her first win earlier this year for the Democratic Party almost triggered a hung parliament.

At the time Ms Brown said in the interest of stability she would prefer to join the government and resigned her seat to recontest as an independent.

Speaking after her win yesterday, she thanked supporters for their belief in her and promised to do more for Cook Islands youth.

"I was pushed way out of my comfort zone, and found myself in a position where I could influence decisions in our country.

"Believe me when I say parliament and politics is not just for old people, because we young ones have a lot of potential and we shouldn't shy away from that responsibility," Ms Brown said.