13 Dec 2018

Tongan accused of child rape to be extradited to US from Pago Pago

1:13 pm on 13 December 2018

A Tongan man accused of child molestation and rape will be extradited from American Samoa back to the US state of Washington next week.

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Paul Harman is wanted in Washington alleged rape of an underage girl 13 years ago, but he fled the US.

He was arrested in American Samoa last month, and has been held in custody without bail while his attorney fought an extradition order.

According to American Samoa's High Court filings, an extradition request was filed from the US in October .

The governor of Washington state sent a written demand to his American Samoa counterpart to have Mr Harman sent back to the US to stand trial for the alleged crime.

In response, American Samoa's governor on 14 November signed a warrant for his arrest and for him to be returned to Washington.

Mr Harman was arrested two days later.

The High Court of American Samoa last week granted Harman's extradition.

Law enforcement officers from Washington are due to arrived in Pago Pago early next week to accompany the defendant back to the US on Dec.


Mr Harman had lived in American Samoa some years ago but it wasn't until he applied for a permit to re-enter American Samoa sometime this year that a warrant for his arrest was activated.

He had been charged in Washington in 2008 but left the state while on bail.