3 Dec 2018

Fertility in French Polynesia drops sharply

12:01 pm on 3 December 2018

Fertility in French Polynesia has declined sharply according to the latest census figures.

Newborn baby

Photo: 123RF

Women now have on average 1.8 children compared to 4.2 in the late 1970s.

The total population is 276,000 and growing by about 1,500 a year.

Thirty-one percent of the population is under the age of 20, with life expectancy now up at 77.

In the past five years 17,500 people have left the territory while 12,000 arrived of whom 20 percent were teachers.

A breakdown shows that in the age group 18 to 25, one in six left for either studies or work.

Of those 15 years and older, 44 percent said they were in paid employment while in France the figure is 63 percent.