26 Oct 2018

Prominent American Samoa Senator dies

8:51 am on 26 October 2018

A prominent American Samoa politician has died in California.

The Manu'a Senator Galeai Moaaliitele Tuufuli was 81.

He had been absent from the last session of the Fono due to failing health.

He was regarded as the senior statesman of the Fono, and referred to as the father of both the Senate and House.

Galeai began his political role as an advisor during the Lutali administrations in the 1980s and 1990s.

He then served as a senator for more than a decade.

Galeai's field was law enforcement and he also served several terms as a Commissioner of Public Safety.

Galeai Moaaliitele Tuufuli

Galeai Moaaliitele Tuufuli Photo: RNZI/Monica Miller