18 Oct 2018

Nauru says dismissed Australian doctor is "welcome back"

1:46 pm on 18 October 2018

Nauru's government says an Australian doctor who left the island after being stood down is welcome back as her services are needed.

On Tuesday, Australia's chief medical officer working on Nauru was flown back to Australia for beaching detention centre rules.

In a statement, Nauru's government said media reports claiming Dr Nicole Montana was deported from Nauru are false.

It said Dr Montana was questioned by police and released without charge after she took unauthorised photos of a child at the detention centre.

Photographing a protected person is an offence under the centre's rules but the government said it did not issue any removal order.

It said Dr Montana was providing an integral service, had the right to work in Nauru and would be welcome back.

It is unclear whether Dr Montana was stood down by her employer in Nauru, the health contractor IHMS.