3 Sep 2018

Inquiry finds misuse of EDF9 fund in Vanuatu

9:10 am on 3 September 2018

Over US$2.5 million under the European Development Fund 9 (EDF9) that was allocated towards three major projects in three provinces in Vanuatu were allegedly misused prior to commencement and operations of the proposed projects.

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The Vanuatu Daily Post reported a total of US$2.5 million was allocated to Vanuatu, as part of the ACP-EU Energy Facility 1-European Development Fund 9, for three projects, specifically for Biofuel Projects in Vanua Lava in the Torba Province, Ambae in Penama Province and Malekula in Malampa Province.

According to a commission of inquiry report, the projects were declared complete in February 2017 for Torba and Penama Provinces, but were non-operational.

While the funding project for Malampa Province was almost used up, even though the project was never set up.

The projects had an initial timeline of completion within 24 months which means they should have been completed in 2010, but the projects were delayed for over three years.

The report said over 20 people and one business was implicated in the projects' funding and recommended further investigations into the individuals and how they gained access to the funding.

The Vanuatu Daily Post did not disclose the names of those who misused the fund, or by how much.