17 Jul 2017

Vanuatu businesses combine to build disaster resilience

10:14 am on 17 July 2017

Businesses in Vanuatu are combining forces to build resilience in their communities.

They have established the Vanuatu Business Resilience Committee to co-ordinate between the government, its agencies and business operators to strengthen responses to disasters.

It was brought together by the National Disaster Management Office with help from the United Nations Development Programme and grew out of the country's experiences during Cyclone Pam more than two years ago.

The UNDP's Nicola Glendining said improving the ability of businesses to withstand the impacts of a disaster and return to normal commercial activity was just one part of the scheme.

She said businesses were also useful in providing support to the government and its humanitarian partners.

"So having a committee like this provides a clear entry point for private sector engagement for government and humanitarian partners," said Ms Glendining.

"[It] provides the capacity within the private sector to undertake activities like mappings of the resources and mapping of pre-positioned supplies and where their stock piling is and how that can complement what the government and the partners are already providing."