27 May 2017

Tonga officers dismissed for abusing military recruits

4:26 pm on 27 May 2017
Tonga, military, parade, soldiers

Two military officers have been fired for abusing Tongan army recruits. In one incident, a man was burned by an iron. Photo: RNZI

Two military officers in Tonga have been fired, and two others demoted for abusing recruits.

Radio Tonga reports the training officers inflicted various kinds of abuse including, in one case, using an iron to burn someone's back.

Other cases involve abuse with a machete, boots and batons, as well as verbally assaulting the recruits.

In a statement, the military confirmed the offences and said it did not support such illegal practices.

Some of the recruits' parents have told Radio Tonga their children have been left traumatised, and some have not returned to the military.