26 Oct 2016

Melanesian states urged to move towards 'blue economy'

1:45 pm on 26 October 2016

Governments of Melanesia are being urged to move towards a "blue economy" approach on protecting their marine assets.

A new report by the World Wildlife Fund and partners, Reviving Melanesia's Ocean Economy: The Case for Action, tracks how crucial the ocean is to Melanesia's economy and future prosperity.

The WWF's Jackie Thomas said the report will be given to all Melanesia's governments, who she hoped will make good on various commitments they had already made to green growth.

She said the NGO will be encouraging the governments to invest at the national level and put resources into implementing the report's recommendations.

"That we believe will help move away from a business-as-usual kind of situation where we see the resources under continuing downward trends from pressures towards what we call a blue economy approach which is inclusive. The idea of blue economy is to make sure marine resources are there for the long term and that the benefits are shared amongst the communities."

The report can be accessed here.