13 May 2016

Cooks business chief says reticulated sewerage a must

2:05 pm on 13 May 2016
Dark patches of algae spreading in Muri lagoon.

Dark patches of algae spreading in Muri lagoon. Photo: RNZI/Varo Media

The Cook Islands tourism sector says the government has to step up and build a reticulated sewerage system for Rarotonga.

This was a key issue raised during a summit of tourism stakeholders last week.

The Chamber of Commerce president, Stephen Lyon, acknowwledged the contributions the government was already making in such areas as airline underwrites and marketing.

But he said last month's Asian Development Bank report showed that tourism growth in the Cooks is being slowed due poor infrastructure and accommodation constraints.

Mr Lyon said an upgraded sewerage process was a key requirement with Rarotonga having outgrown its rural style septic tank systems.

"And its time to look at urban type infrastructure such as reticulation and the like. With have an urban type water supply, so we have a water supply to every household and we also have electricity of course but infrastructure for waste water isn't in place, and this will be the next step."