Need to rebuild PNG agriculture after drought and floods

3:55 pm on 17 February 2016

A United Nations official in Papua New Guinea says reviving the agriculture sector in the wake of the extended drought is vital for the country.

Thousands of people remain in distress in PNG as a result of the drought destroying their food gardens and now for many the impact of floods.

The UN Development Programme's country director, Roy Trivedy, said it will be months before food production is back to normal and one of the keys is restoring agriculture.

He said this means the National Agriculture Research Institute, NARI, and the people working on seeds and tools and early recovery are providing what is needed.

"With the right seeds, early germinating varieties, pest resistant varieties and so on - getting those out to communities. As well as providing for food and some amount of assistance with nutrition and so on, we need to make sure people have seeds and tools to plant with and so on."

UNDP Resident Representative in PNG, Roy Trivedy.

UNDP Resident Representative in PNG, Roy Trivedy. Photo: Network of International Development Organisations.