26 Oct 2015

Calls for clean lobbying in Solomons crisis

7:36 am on 26 October 2015

The Solomon Islands anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International is calling on the political leaders to adhere to clean lobbying practices in the lead-up to Friday's no confidence vote.

Last week, seven government ministers, including the deputy prime minister Douglas Ete resigned, along with an unconfirmed number of government back benchers.

Manasseh Sogavare

Manasseh Sogavare Photo: RNZI

Parliament says a motion submitted by the opposition leader, Jeremiah Manele, will be heard on Friday after a failed attempt by the prime minister Manasseh Sogavare to have parliament adjourned until the beginning of December.

Citing the arrest and conviction of 14 MPs in neighbouring Vanuatu for bribery charges, TSI's acting executive Edward Ronia says Solomon Islands MPs should see the Vanuatu precedent as a warning to abide by the laws when lobbying.

"We just want our leaders to be men of integrity so that, we are tired of hearing this type of leadership that doesn't take on the heart of the people or the nation but that are self-serving which is not the type of leadership we want and we expect for this country."