18 Sep 2015

Fiji schools in anti-suicide pledge

7:46 pm on 18 September 2015

All school children in Fiji have been told to make a pledge against suicide in ceremonies across the country on Friday.

The government says youth suicide is at crisis levels following the deaths of three children earlier this month.

Fiji's 900 schools have been told to abandon classes today to make way for discussion, skits, role playing and guest speakers about suicide.

The Minister of Education Mahendra Reddy says it's not a hasty decision but the first step in a national discourse to address the alarming rates.

Ten under 16 year olds are among 89 suicides this year.

Children have been asked to act out how friends and family might feel if they took their own life.

They have also been told to take a pledge provided by the government to live their lives to the full and not succumb to peer pressure.