8 Sep 2015

Pacific students to be tested on literacy and numeracy

4:18 pm on 8 September 2015

There are hopes a new literacy and numeracy assessment across 13 Pacific countries will show improved results.

The previous Educational Quality and Assessment Programme survey in 2012 showed only three out of 10 students in Years Four and Six met the required competency for their age.

Dr Michelle Belisle, who is the director of the programme under the umbrella of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, says what's important is the way the results are used to keep helping Pacific students.

She says the assessment is in English, French and seven other Pacific languages.

"Our goal is not to test someone's command of a particular language. Our goal is to test whether or not students are able to read and comprehend and communicate and then that basic idea of literacy is what drives the whole process."

Michelle Belisle says basic reading and writing is critical to success in a sustainable economy.