6 Jul 2015

Fiji Minister advocating women's equality in church

10:03 am on 6 July 2015

A Methodist Minister in Fiji says he will be fighting for equality for women within the church and encouraging more women to take up leadership roles.

A Pacific Harbour Methodist Church minister, Suliasi Puragabeci, recently attended a Male Advocacy Program on women's human rights.

He says he was sad to learn about the high rate of violence against women, and the workshop made him realise that teaching equality should be part of his ministry.

"Before we treat women as [if] we look down on them. But now I will fight for the equality of women and men, wherever, in the family, in the church, in other organisations, in the working place. It's a very eye opening workshop I have gone through."

Suliasi Puragabeci says he will now be training all men in his church about women's human rights.

The Male Advocacy workshop is a collaboration between the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre and the Ministry for Women.