19 Jun 2015

Samoa Shipping pays overdue account with LBJ

10:00 am on 19 June 2015

The Samoa Shipping Corporation has paid its overdue account with the LBJ hospital in American Samoa.

LBJ hospital, American Samoa

LBJ hospital, American Samoa Photo: RNZI

The hospital had filed a suit in the High Court early last month seeking a judgment of $11,243.93 plus attorney fees and other costs, against the Samoa Shipping Corportaiton

The suit sought payment for an unpaid hospital bill for a company employee who was treated for an injury at the local hospital in November of last year.

According to the law suit, when the hospital attorney Doug Juergens demanded payment from the shipping company, the demand was ignored .

But he says Samoa shipping contacted his office less than 2 weeks after the suit was filed and the bill was paid, which was what the hospital wanted.

He says the case is closed.