17 Jun 2015

American Samoa closer on dual language teaching

2:16 pm on 17 June 2015

American Samoa is a step closer to establishing dual language teaching in schools, with the establishment of two committees.

The policy was mooted in the 2013 Education Summit, and the Education Director, Vaitinasa Dr Salu Hunkin-Finau, says the idea is now closer to reality.

She says a Leadership Committee will develop readers and materials in both languages.

It will translate and edit, both in English and Samoan, with the assistance of the Samoan Language Consultant.

The Teacher Committee will develop lesson plans utilising reading, poetry, storytelling and visual aids.

Additionally, there has been training for eight teachers, who will in turn train others, to promote awareness of dual language teaching.

The policy will see Samoan used in schools up to grade five.

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American Samoa. Photo: AFP