Greenpeace calls for consistency on climate change

4:17 pm on 15 June 2015

Greenpeace is calling on Pacific Island countries to be consistent in their climate change stance at the international level.

A high tide across Ejit Island in Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands on March 3, 2014, causing widespread flooding. Officials in the Marshall Islands blamed climate change for severe flooding in the Pacific nation's capital Majuro.

Flooding caused by huge spring tides which Marshall Islands officials have blamed on climate change. Photo: AFP

The call comes after the Marshall Islands push for the International Maritime Organisation to introduce measures to reduce carbon emissions in the industry.

Marshall Islands Foreign Minister Tony De Brum's call was rejected at a recent IMO meeting despite it representing the country's massive Shipping Registry - the third largest in the world.

Greenpeace's Lagi Toribau says the government needs to be consistent and take Marshall Islands flagged oil tankers and oil rigs off its registry.

"We think that it has, their positioning in the International Maritime Organisation is just as important as their role in flagging oil rigs. And certainly it is just as important as their role in the UNFCCC negotiations and the way that Marshall Islands wants to position themselves as a leader in climate change requires them to also be consistent."