26 Feb 2015

Samoa businesses want customs duties reduced

8:22 pm on 26 February 2015

Local businesses in Samoa are asking for a further reduction in the cost of customs duties.

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Businesses are said to be struggling to cope with the cost of customs duties. Photo: RNZ / Mary Baines

This follows a one day workshop held for private sector representatives participating in the Ministry of Trade, Commerce, Industries and Labour's review of the current tariff structure.

Our correspondent, Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia, says this is the second such workshop, with the ministry working to help boost the development of businesses in the country.

He says the call for a reduction in customs duties is concerning, as it shows the business sector is struggling with these costs as well as other costs like electricity.

"Also shipping costs are some of the concerns coming from the business community. The other concern was the cost of transport, especially those businesses out in rural areas, and also businesses in Savaii, because that's another cost for them, the transport."