4 Feb 2015

Solomons carries out financial inclusion survey

9:18 am on 4 February 2015

The Solomon Islands is the second Pacific Island country to carry out it's financial inclusion survey following on from Fiji in November last year.

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands launched the initiative on Monday which aims to assess the access, usage and quality of financial services and products in the country.

The Manager of the CBSI's National Financial Unit, Caroline Kanoko says the survey is part of a regional initiative.

" So it's a team or it's a working group under central banks of the pacific on financial inclusion specifically because we are on similar development status. So the governors are working together even the country as well, to move financial inclusion."

Caroline Kanoko says the survey will take a sample size of 1110 adults randomly selected from differrent households in rural, urban and maritime areas to ensure a nationally representative sample for the survey.

The survey will end on the 15th of April with results to be presented at a national conference in June in Honiara.